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Children's Picnic Game Ideas

Picnic Games for the Kids!

Every parent who loves the atmosphere of a great picnic, and has children, knows that it has to come with great picnic games. Here are Picnic-Basket.com's favorite picnic games for you to play with your kids and share with other picnicking parents.

Picnic Charades

Before you head out to your picnic, write up to 50 picnic related words on little pieces of paper. Use words and phrases like cookie, fork, napkin, table cloth, picnic basket, picnic table, games, volley ball, etc. Put the pieces of paper in a decorated tin can or bucket and make sure that you have one of every item on your list in a pile on a picnic table. At your picnic, have each child take a turn pulling a paper from the tin and finding that item without saying anything. Once the child finds it, he shows it to the other children and they must shout the name.

Picnic Pictionary

For this great game, you'll need a large paper pad and several kid-safe pencils. Like with charades, you will need to write up to 50 simple words on little pieces of paper. For this game, use words that are easy to draw like fork, basket, table, cat, dog, grass, kite, soccer ball, beach ball, bicycle. Be sure to help each child understand what the word says before they begin drawing. The child whose artwork is guessed upon correctly the most times (after at least 3 turns each) wins!

Board Game Championship

Select a range of your favorite board games that will match the average age of the children at the picnic. Milton Bradley and Mattel make excellent and simple board games for adolescents that don't take too long to play and are fun for all ages. Choose between 3 and 5 board games and set them up side by side on two picnic tables. Each player is out for himself and is given only 10 minutes for each game. If the game doesn't finish, the player who was closest to winning the game takes the title for that game. Be sure that each player plays each game at least once (time permitting).

The Run and Grab Challenge

Using a horse shoe set, place two stakes in the ground at least 60 feet apart. Place the horse shoes over the stakes and mark the 30 foot center between them. Place your runners back-to-back at the 30 foot mark and say when! The player who grabs their horseshoe and makes it back to their opponent's stake, wins. Have the players run this challenge as many times as they like. Whoever wins the most challenges, wins the entire Challenge!

Ye Ol' Potato Sack Race

It may sound cliche but it's a great time! Purchase plenty of potato sacks, whether from your local toy retailer or an online store specializing in old fashioned toys. Have all the players who want to join in get inside the bags and race to a marked finish at your command. The winner should win a prize. To spice it up, have a father-daughter race, which would require the teammates to hold hands consistently to the end of the race.

Other Outdoor Games

Inexpensive badminton, volleyball and croquet sets can be purchased online or at your local sporting goods store. For something more extravagant, a table top game is an awesome time.

Play Dough Go!

Before your party, on card stock, write easy-to-draw objects and cut them out, one for each each guest that will be attending. Equip each guest with a can of play dough, a toothpick and a card you've created; words like cat, flower, dog, elephant, bee, boy, heart and so on are best and each card should have something unique on it. On your mark, have your guests sculpt their play dough into the object that was listed on their card. The first one to finish with a sculpture that resembles the item, wins!

Two or three of these great games should definitely fill the day with activity and fun. We hope you enjoy these picnic games at your next function and don't forget to pick out the perfect picnic furniture for the adults!