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How To Buy Picnic Baskets

Posted by Picnic Baskets Team on 9/20/2017 to Picnic Basket
How To Buy Picnic Baskets

Picnics are not only fun for everyone, but Picnic Baskets make great gifts for young and old alike.    When buying Picnic Baskets you can choose from a wide variety of costs and qualities in picnic baskets and styles range from wicker picnic baskets or picnic baskets for two, four, six or more, you can even buy picnic baskets for weddings or business clients, family members, or friends.

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15 National Parks in America, Perfect for Picnics and What Picnic Baskets to Take

Posted by Picnic-Basket.com on 4/13/2017 to Picnic Basket
15 National Parks in America, Perfect for Picnics and What Picnic Baskets to Take


Majestic trees, fresh air, gorgeous natural scenery, and a cozy meal on a warm picnic blanket can't just be had anywhere! A National Park is the ultimate retreat for an exciting and relaxing picnic get-away. Whether you are taking a road trip from one amazing destination to another, or simply looking for the perfect park in your state, Picnic-Basket.com has some of the best National Park destinations listed for you right here! Sometimes the best picnic baskets are backpacks.


 Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska


Isolation, beauty and Mother Nature are what bring people to the Wrangell St. Elias National Park in Alaska. Wrangell St. Elias is the largest National Park in the U.S. and is six times larger than Yellowstone National Park. In the park you will spot glaciers and the majestic mountains that surround the park, including Mount St. Elias which is 18,008 feet above sea level and the second largest in the United States.


Skiing, hang gliding, and swimming are available at Wrangell St. Elias as well as picnicking wherever there is a safe site. Remember when planning an outing here that in any season, the weather can change quickly, so it is wise to pack with clothing that can be layered, ready to peel off or add as conditions dictate.

The best picnic baskets are what suits your needs. If you need to be able to go a long distances or accommodate a large group.


Fort Washington National Park, Maryland


The beautiful Fort Washington National Park is located in Maryland at the Potomac River. Originally built to protect Washington D.C., the park has since become a gorgeous place to relax and bond with family over a mound of National history. At the park there are tours led by rangers, beautiful picnic areas and plenty of places for sightseeing, including a lighthouse.


At Fort Washington a Picnic Permit is required for all groups of 15 or more and there is a fee for the group picnic areas. The group picnic areas must be reserved in advance by calling 301-763-4600. Once you make the reservation and the permit is issued your group will have the exclusive use of the group picnic area. The park is open April through September 9am-5pm and October through March 9am-430pm. Closed on holidays.


Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio


The gorgeous Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio is located between Akron and Cleveland. There are 3 visitors centers located about the park where you can find useful information, maps and tips. In the Virginia Kendall area of the park, there are 2 picnic shelters available for reservations and there are also charming locations throughout the park that would be fitting for a wonderful picnic and while some provide grills and all have tables. Whether you need an area large enough for a family reunion or an intimate spot for two, you'll enjoy picnicking at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Restrooms, water and limited electricity are available to picnickers.


For reservations, call (330) 657-2909 ext. 119. The Park is open year round with seasonal hours; May 1st through September 30th the daily operating hours are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and October 1st through April 30th the hours are 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Shenandoah National Park, Virginia


Shenandoah National Park in Virginia is well known for its bears, deer and other wild life as well as its mountain views. It's also known for its many historical sites, camping, hiking, sightseeing and horseback riding. The beautiful park is definitely home to many outdoors types who enjoy spending time in the wilderness not too far from civilization. For a lovely picnic you can choose from three picnic areas; Elk wallow Picnic Grounds, Pinnacles Picnic Grounds or the South River Picnic Grounds.


Nez Perce National Historical Park, Idaho


For an amazing experience in Native American History, visit the Nez Perce National Historical Park. Inside the park there is a visitor's center with a plethora of Indian artifacts on display. You can also walk the many trails in the park and learn about the battles that happened there and even view a sacred burial site. The picnic areas are gorgeous and clean with grills for provided for cooking. To get more information about the beautiful Nez Perce Historical Park, visit the website or call (208) 843-7009.




Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park has a lot of diverse landscape. Home to the Cadillac Mountain, the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast and rocky beaches where you can visit Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Bring your own outdoor sports equipment and utilize the wide open spaces of Acadia Park. Cromwell Harbor Ledge is a great spot for pictures and a view. For a great camping experience, camp at Blackwood’s Campground and hike on the Kebo Mountain Trail.


The park contains many good spots to sit down, enjoy the view, and have a quick lunch. If you are looking for a picnic location with tables and fireplaces you can visit one of the park's six designated picnic areas. With over 155 picnic tables available, however, all picnic areas are on a first-come, first-served basis and no reservations are accepted.


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Rich in Native American culture and history on the early settlers of America, is the Grand Teton National Park. Possibly the most breath taking views this author has ever seen, The Grand Tetons are a spectacular landscape rich with majestic mountains, pristine lakes and extraordinary wildlife. Just a short drive from Yellowstone, at Grand Teton National Park you can explore, hike, climb and do plenty of other things as well.


For staying overnight there are plenty of campsites available and numerous lodges both inside and outside of the park. Picnic at the Grand Teton Recreational area and sight see the many different species of birds and wildlife that live here. Make reservations now and enjoy this beautiful park and where you are sure to have a great time.



Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona has everything an outdoors person needs. From camping areas to lodging and park amenities like water fountains, dump sites and restrooms, Grand Canyon is wild, convenient and amazing. Known for its spectacular views, the Grand Canyon has been attracting tourists to its beauty for many many years. The area itself has been said to be over 270 million years old and counting. Grand Canyon National Park makes for the most amazing picnic site. Cliffs, hills and picnic areas are breathtaking backdrops for an outdoor meal. For more information on this exquisite park, visit the Grand Canyon Park website.


Glacier National Park, Montana


A fun and Scenic Park in the summer and a winter wonderland in the winter, Glacier National Park in Montana is a great spot. With over 700 miles of trails, Glacier is a hiker's paradise, perfect for a picnic backpack which makes it easy to find a secluded area to have a relaxing picnic.


Picnic benches also line the park in visitor areas and trails litter the park making it a picnicking and hiking paradise. Forests, meadows and rugged mountains line the park encasing it in a beautiful splendor. Visit Glacier National Park for a memorable experience including skiing during the winter months and fishing in the summer.


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Grizzlies, wolves, bison, elk and dozens of other wildlife inhabit the beautiful and world renowned Yellowstone National Park. Though the park runs through several states, the most popular is in Wyoming. This amazing park offers spectacular sightseeing, camping, hiking, fishing and much much more. Visit "Old Faithful" the parks most famous natural geyser or take a park tour guided by a ranger. Have a glorious picnic in the Cascade Park Picnic area and enjoy a bit of Mother Nature in this world famous park while having a scrumptious lunch. For more information about Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, visit the Yellowstone National Parks website.


Yosemite National Park, California


For a park that's known for its mountainous areas and beautiful waterfalls, visit Yosemite National Park in California. Yosemite is such a popular park that it has had time to grow and expand into a tourist's center point for California, offering such amenities as a visitor's center, exhibits, restrooms and hiking trails outdoors. There are also lovely picnicking areas for that excellent time of day when a meal is needed and the campsites at Yosemite are clean, safe and equipped naturally with gorgeous views. For general park information about Yosemite, call 209-372-0200 or visit the Yosemite National Park website.




Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico


For a bizarre and spectacular sight like you've never seen before, visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. Rattlesnake springs has a beautiful picnic area and, of course, there are amazing underground caves to explore and marvel at. Learn about how the mineral deposits in the caverns are formed in a guided tour around some of the parks most popular spots. Descend down an elevator from the visitor's center into a natural cave. Carlsbad Caverns are one of the oldest and the most famous of cavernous attractions. For more information on this amazing and gorgeous spectacle, and for a wonderful picnic spot, visit the Carlsbad Caverns website.


Mount Rushmore National Park and Monument, South Dakota


Nestled in the mountains of South Dakota is the famous Mount Rushmore National Park. The Mount Rushmore Monument, located in the park, was left incomplete in 1941 due to lack of funding. But the beautiful Stone Mountain represents 150 years of U.S. history, paying homage to Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. There are plenty of trails and public amenities for guests who visit the park. Pets are not allowed but you may have a splendid picnic in designated areas at the gorgeous Mount Rushmore National Park.


Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


Get away in a majestic and wild environment that's perfect for every picnicker at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Bring a backpack and some hiking boots to this massive homage to nature. Sight see the many birds and wild animals that inhabit the Rocky Mountain Park or hike along the safe trails and picnic in a meadow while enjoying a glorious view. Camp in the well-groomed campgrounds and take a guided tour of some of the parks most popular points of interest. Back country camping is also allowed and fishing is offered.


Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee


For a great park plentiful with wild animals, beautiful waterfalls and rolling hills of lush vegetation and wilderness, visit the Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee/North Carolina. RV camping and car camping are allowed in this park and there are numerous designated picnicking areas. Sightseeing is a must as this quiet treasure is a treat to view. The campgrounds are well maintained and have restrooms with cold running water and flush toilets. The campsites also have fire grates and picnic tables.


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