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Games for Adults

Picnic Games

Let's face it, as adults a vigorous game of "Hide and Seek" may not be tops on our entertainment list. Besides, a picnic is supposed to be a relaxing event, not something that takes a few days to recuperate from!

With this in mind, we have put together some suggestions for entertaining the adult crowd at a picnic. Enjoy!

Picnic Games for the Adults!

Picnics are definitely a great time for kids. The food, the atmosphere, the parents being too engaged in conversation to see where they've flung their dessert--it's all part of the wonderful memories that children keep with them when they've grown. But picnics can also bring a sense of peace, tranquility and fun to the adults as well. This is especially true when you've chosen a location that isn't open to family activities, like coastal areas with beach bars on the sand or a country club with fresh open space for you to romp in. Some camping resorts have gorgeous back country to picnic on and usually don't allow young children in these areas so you're almost certain to have peace and quiet. So pack your picnic basket and call your closest friends. Here are some entertaining ideas from Picnic-Basket.com to make your adult picnic everything it can be.

Act the Part

This is a fun game where each player is out for himself. Silently, each player must choose a celebrity to give an impression of in under 15 seconds. He must act him or her out, whether as the celebrity or a character played by that celebrity. For example, Johnny Depp or the pirate he plays. A stop watch is required for this game but it's worth the trinket. Every player can take as many turns as he wants to gain more points. The opposing players and by-standers must guess at which celebrity or character is being acted out. The player who succeeds in being guessed the most times, wins!

Guess That....

Old fashioned blind-folded guessing games are making a come back amongst party goers and picnickers alike. Simply put, blindfolding guests and having them identify what they are drinking, holding or smelling can be a very interesting and exciting time. Have your guests guess which soda or alcohol they are drinking or which kind of pie they are eating. Make them keep eating until they guess! Some other fun choices would be which brand of hot dog is that? The possibilities are endless! Let's us know what you come up with!

Old Fashioned Pie Eating Contest

Line them up on your picnic tables and have your participants clasp their own hands behind their backs! These pies must be eaten in the messiest way! Give each player a helper as well, to remove the pie they've cleared and hand them the next. Be clear on your rules, however, to eliminate people from cheating by "smooshing". This is when a player makes their pie look like it's been eaten by smooshing it onto their faces and the table. This is wasteful, so be sure that pie eaters know that they have to eat every bite of the pie before moving on. To help the contest move forward with fun and resolution, make the pies shallow and smaller than a traditional pie. Only place a small amount of tasty filling in the bottom and leave most of the pie as cream. Banana, peach, vanilla cream and chocolate cream are great for pie eating contests.

Murder Mystery Picnic

Give your guests a great time by putting together a murder mystery for them to act out and guess over like the board game Clue. These are especially popular at Hollywood parties and clubs so why not your picnic? You can go to Host-Part.com and choose from many different murder mystery dinner games.

Poker for Lolly Pops

Using candy, tequila shots or liquor filled chocolates as your poker chips, play as many rounds of 3 and 5 card poker as you can. Dedicate the driver of the bunch, for drinkers, as the dealer and rules keeper of the games. The determined poker champion should win a jar for his winnings of candy or some other prize...be creative!

Shot Glass Checkers

For those who like to cut loose with the liquor, a Shot Glass Checkers Set from ShockinFun.com is just perfect. Whether your opponent has to drink when he loses a piece or you do, this great game can pass the time and make way for boisterous fun. If adult beverages are too strong for you, then substitute with your beverage of choice!

So, the next time you are planning a picnic with the adult crowd have fun and entertain the crowd with one or more of these great games for adults! Your fun time with grown up friends should certainly be an inspired and positive one! And, for the perfect picnic basket for your outing browse our huge selection at Picnic-Basket.com. Enjoy!

More Picnic Game Ideas for the Grown Ups

A picnic party for a group of fun minded adults demands a variety of activities for a variety of people. That's why Picnic-Basket.com is dedicated to bringing great ideas, tips and services to picnic lovers. So here's another list of great games for you and your guests to play at your picnic party. They're sure to make your picnic that much more special!

Opposites Attract

If you're having a rather large event of say, 20 or more people, this is a great game to play so everyone is introduced. Before hand, cut out as many small pieces of card paper as you have guests and write a color, adjective or object on half of them, making sure the word you choose has a complete opposite. For example, the words black, on, above, pretty, light, high, fun, and big are great words because they each have opposites which would be white, off, below, ugly, dark, low, misery, and little.

As each guest arrives, give them one of the cards and tell them they must find their opposite when he or she arrives and learn 5 things about that person. Once each person has arrived and the guests have become familiar with one another, give each person a moment to tell everyone who they met (their opposite) and the 5 things they learned about that person.

Merry Go Around

This is a hoot, especially for guests who have ever played acting warm ups in drama classes for school. Have all your guests sit or stand in a circle and have the first player (anyone) start the game off with a word. The word can be anything like zebra, can, cat, dog or understanding. The first player says their word and motions throwing the word at any other player. That player must then say the first word that comes to mind after hearing the first player's word. For example, when someone says cat, usually the first thing the next person thinks of is dog or meow. Whenever a player pauses or hesitates for more than 5 seconds, they are out! The last one standing wins!

Family Feud

If your picnic party has a majority of married couples or adult families, Family Feud is a great game to play. Whether you play the old fashioned board game version or the DVD version on a portable DVD player, this trivia guessing game is a genuine good time for adult picnic goers.


Cut a small piece of card stock for each player and mark just one of them with an X. Fold the cards in half (make sure they are relatively small) and place them in a canister or can. As each guest arrives, let them choose a piece of paper but tell them not to look at it yet. When everyone has arrived assemble them in a group and explain the game to them. Then, on your mark have everyone quickly look at their card...and NO PEEKING at anyone else's card! The person who has the X on their card is the Assassin.

During conversation throughout the day, the assassin will wink secretly at people. When a person is winked at, they must declare that they've been hit! If another player thinks he's caught the assassin winking, they must declare the one they suspect! They only get one guess, and if they're correct, they win. If not, they are declared dead. The first person to guess correctly or the last person "alice" wins the game!

Entertain the Crowd!

We hope these fun games for adults add some spice to your picnic party. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, shower of some sort or just a fun picnic you've put together for the bonding and coming together of a group of friends, have a great time and be sure to take along the perfect picnic basket.