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Picnic Basket Checklist

Posted by Picnic Baskets Crew on 9/5/2017 to Picnic Prep & Presentation
Picnic Basket Checklist

Picnic Baskets Checklist


What essential non-edibles should you fill your picnic basket with to ensure the most fun from your picnic? Of course, the list will vary with the setting of the picnic, the time  of the year, and the foods served. Here, however, is a comprehensive list of everything you might want to have along. Print out the list and store it in your picnic baskets to have for easy reference.


Picnic-Basket.com’s Picnic Packing Checklist


Forks, knives, spoons, soup spoons

Wine glasses, Champagne flutes

Insect repellent

Serrated bread knife                    Corkscrew                                  Citronella candles, punk sticks

Small paring knife                        Bottle opener                                                  Sunscreen

Small cutting board                      Plates, bowls                              Salt and pepper shakers Serving spoons    Napkins, wet naps                      Freezer packs Cheese/dip spreaders        Candles                                     First-aid kit

Cups, acrylic glasses                   Matches                                     Picnic blanket


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