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Picnic Baskets Vs. Picnic Backpacks

Posted by Picnic Baskets Crew on 9/22/2017 to Picnic Basket
Picnic Baskets Vs. Picnic Backpacks

Picnics are one of the most favorite outdoor activities people routinely do whenever they have a free time, especially during summers and holidays. You may go picnicking with family and friends or even on a work outing. One of the most frequent questions we get is around the equipment that we are going to use during a picnic hike or camping trip. There are so many questions like how to prepare? Which equipment to bring? And of course, do you have to carry a big picnic basket. But of the most common question that I have been asked constantly is about picnic backpacks, which many people still want guideline about how they can use to keep their hands free while they search for their perfect picnic spot.


In the past, picnic baskets were your only choice, but today many people have changed to use picnic backpacks instead of the more traditional picnic baskets, due to the convenience and flexibility that picnic backpacks can offer you. If you already have a picnic basket, I strongly suggest buying a picnic backpack that will provided you more convenience.


Some people who familiar with picnic baskets may have not seen what picnic backpacks look like and how to use them. Picnic backpacks looks are typically similar to that of a traditional hiking backpack. But if we look inside of the backpack and will can see the major differences. That is, interior of a hiking backpack is specially designed to contain hiking stuff such as trial equipment, clothes and canvas shoes etc. But the interior of picnic backpack is designed to contain picnic stuff. Picnic backpacks are able to contain picnic accessories such as plates, wine glasses napkins and a cooler compartment to store your food. It will have special section inside the bag to contain picnic accessories with extra protection to prevent broken. The backpack may also have the section that use for containing a picnic blanket or a picnic blanket may attach to the outside of the backpack.


Picnic backpacks are generally made from ordinary canvas but they also have kind of cushioned shoulder straps for convenient and comfortable carrying. The picnic backpacks have plenty of space to contain picnic equipment such as lunch boxes, cooler component to maintain food still fresh and ice pouch. For wine lovers, there is plenty of room for your favorite wine during the picnic, picnic backpacks also provide special space for wine bottles and wine glasses with considerable protection so you can be sure that wine bottles and glass will not get broken.

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