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Planning A Romantic Picnic!

Posted by Picnic Basket Team on 9/8/2017 to Picnic Basket
Planning A Romantic Picnic!


Planning A Romantic Picnic!

While family fun takes front and center stage for most picnics, a private picnic for two is a sweet, romantic getaway to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or just because…

A little creative picnic planning goes a long way for romance. Finding just the right romantic picnic spot is first and foremost in planning, anything involving a first date or even a proposal location is a hit pick and something you and your sweetheart will always treasure. The menu and


other plans usually fall into place based on the location, check out our Romantic Picnic Recipes for recipe ideas that melt the heart! Some of our favorite romantic picnic locations include evenings on the beach; local outdoor music concerts; a particular area involving your first date, a proposal location, or any area with special memories; and beautiful parks.

Romantic Baskets, Songs, Surprises

Menus for romantic picnics should be kept light, and wine and cheese are always a classic, easy idea. We offer a fine selection of romantic picnic baskets that are perfect for romantic picnics, and most include a corkscrew, glasses, matching napkins, utensils and cutting board. Don’t forget to slip a pair of candles into your picnic basket, those warm flames are sure to spark the mood!

And speaking of moods, mood music is a must for romance; take along a portable CD player with some old favorites, or better yet our Radio Cooler Picnic Sets are much easier to travel with. You’d be surprised how many memories come back with certain songs. If you’re married – some of songs the two of you enjoyed while dating re-spark any flame, and wedding songs are hard to beat!

Not married or not enough history for favorite songs – make your date a CD of songs that remind you of her/him. Give it to them as a gift and bring along a CD player, or our Cooladio Radio Cooler, and listen to it. No matter how small, a gift with a personal touch is the always a perfect touch for romantic picnics.

The element of surprise always brings a special feel to picnics. Try inviting your partner on a date, either by telephone or love note, and show up with picnic basket in hand and the plans all in place. Giving flowers, even a single rose or a favorite stem is a sweet thought.

To celebrate a special day, combine your picnic with another side trip. Our favorites are a trip to a local vineyard to pick out the wine, or a trip to a local farmer’s market to choose the snacks. Outdoor concerts are a hit pick as well, while not the most private setting, the music and ambience make up for it. You can laugh and smile for hours as you enjoy each other’s company, relax and people-watch.

While a little planning goes a long way, so does the element of surprise. Keep an elegant picnic cooler set for two in your car to bring out at just the right time. Picnics always bring a smile! With some personal touches, the right location, and the perfect date, there are no limits to what new memories your romantic picnic will create with that special someone you adore!

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