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Beach Checklist & Safety Tips


Checklist For A Day At The Beach & Beach Safety Tips

A day at the beach is exhilarating, with sand between your toes and an endless horizon for your eyes to linger on while your body splashes in the cool waves and tans with the touch of the sun’s rays. Cold drinks and refreshing snacks are necessary when spending a sunny day at the beach, so plan ahead with our Sand Free Beach Recipes, and don’t forget to bring along a Portable Beach Tote, along with your other Beach Picnic Essentials.

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You don’t want any slights, or forgetfulness to result in a less than fulfilling beautiful day at the beach. Here is a checklist compiled by faithful beach-going Floridians to help you prepare for a fun relaxing time at the beach!

If you have kids, check out our Checklist & Safety Tips for Parents with Children. Safety Tips are also handy so you are aware of all possibilities on the beach. Have fun and remember that the earlier you get to the beach, the cooler it will be to unload all your gear onto the beach, not to mention you’ll get your choice of the best spots!

Beach Item Checklist

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First Aid Kit Binoculars Sunscreen
Insect Repellant Sunglasses Reading Glasses
Extra Towels Hand Soap Drinking Water
Garbage Bags Shade – EZ Up Tent Fresh Water
Picnic Blankets Water Shoes Cell Phone/Car Charger
Beach Bag or Tote Portable Cooler Ice
Camera Drinks Utensils, Plates, Cups
Adult Beverages Outdoor Games Hand Sanitizer
Whistle Music Books
Portable Chairs Portable Table Extra Clothes
Eye drops Lip Balm Lotion/Aloe Vera

Safety Tips for A Day at the Beach

To make sure your beach adventures are always safe and crisis-free, follow these safety tips so you and your kids can have an amazing time at the beach! Unforgettable memories with your kids are just around the corner; let’s make sure you’re completely ready with these safety tips!

    * Before you go check the beach conditions for tide and wave conditions. Some days just aren't meant to be spent at the beach!

    * Before you go check the weather conditions: Every summer day is capable of spontaneous storm.

    * Please, never leave your children unsupervised at the beach.

    * Always swim within eyesight of local Lifeguards. Set up your beach spot as-close-as possible to a lifeguard.

    * Check Rip Tides: Every beach has rip currents, check with the Lifeguard for information and advice on where to swim before you set up your beach gear.

      Remember to swim parallel to shore if you’re every caught in a rip tide! Don’t fight the current, just swim parallel until you’re out of it, and then head back to shore.

    * Never let children swim or play in the ocean alone. Swim with a buddy teach your children to watch out for each other when swimming. The Buddy System saves lives!

    * Use plastic shovels and buckets to prevent rust, plus metal ones might cut them.

    * Sunscreen is vital to protect children’s soft skin.

    * Be aware if there are any fishermen in the area – there could be hooks or fishing line lying around.

    * Keep your kids well shaded, and well hydrated throughout your day at the beach.

    * Hydration: It’s easy to forget that you’re getting dehydrated when you’re splashing in the waves and building sandcastles. Don’t forget to bring more than enough water for your day out in the sun!

    * Floats Will Float Away: Blow up pool floats will pull you out to sea quicker than you can blink. Stick with boogie boards!

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