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Springtime Children's Picnic Ideas


Fun and Games at a Kids’ Spring Picnic

If your kids are like most children, they get a little stir crazy in the winter, especially if you live in a climate where the months of December through March can be pretty chilly. Even if they enjoy going out to play in the snow, they no doubt look forward to the weather that allows them to head outside without bundling up in parkas, scarves, and gloves.

So now that's spring is here, they’re eager to get outside and run around, enjoying the burgeoning new spring flowers, the smell of the grass, and the warm breezes.

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Chances are that you are, too! And a great way to celebrate the new season is with a fun picnic your kids can share with their friends. Kids love picnics! All that good food and plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors, play games, and more is such a treat after a long winter.

Make It A Group Effort

If you’re thinking enjoying a spring picnic with your child(ren) and her/their friends, start by doing a little planning together. Kids enjoy being asked for their input and because this is a gathering geared towards their particular age group, they should have some say on what’s to eat and the activities that will follow.

Start with the menu. You’ll probably find – unless your kid is a real “foodie” – that the menu will play second fiddle to the other stuff your child has planned for the day. Still, you’ll want to make sure you feed the guests. Generally, the best idea is to stay away from a more formal meal where everyone has to sit and eat at the same time and instead opt for a bunch of finger foods. This way, they can grab a few at their leisure and then run off and play. So pack up the picnic basket with some of these foods:

  • Veggies cut in small strips or pieces like celery, carrots, and cherry tomatoes.
  • Small or bite-size fruit such as grapes, apple slices, and small Clementine oranges
  • Finger sandwiches cut in fun shapes and filled with cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly, turkey, ham, tuna, or other favorites.
  • Chicken fingers (most kids don’t mind eating them cold)
  • Crackers like Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish
  • Cookies
  • Bottled water or juice boxes/bags

    Picnic Games for Kids

    When you’ve got the food organized, think about some games the children can play or activities they might enjoy, including some that are related to spring. You might enjoy reading our article Children's Picnic Games & Activities for inspiration. Some other ideas for keeping children entertained are:
  • Chasing butterflies – It’s spring, so the butterflies are out in full force. Buy small butterfly nets for everyone and let them do a little chasing. After they catch them, they can release them, if you prefer.
  • Bird watching – Ask the children to bring binoculars (or supply some inexpensive ones) and go on a hunt for native local birds. Pick up a Field guide before you go so you can identify the birds you see.
  • Take a nature walk – If you find a picnic location with some hiking trails, take the kids on a walk and talk about some of the things you see along the way.
  • Games for multiple players – Follow the Leader, Red Rover, Tag, Tug of War, or any number of other organized games are ideal for groups. Choose according to the age range of your guests.

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