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Extremely Entertaining Tailgating Game Ideas


Extremely Entertaining Tailgating Game Ideas

Alright, so you’re heading out to the stadium to tailgate in the parking lot hours before the big game; or you’re getting set up at home for another amazing homegating party. Are you ready to play around with fellow fanatics? What better way to pass the time while you’re waiting for the game to start than to sip on a cold one and play some exciting outdoor games with everyone around? There are some extreme ways to have fun at tailgating parties and we’d like to share some of the best tailgating games that you, your friends, families, kids, frenemies and friends can all enjoy time after time!

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Corn-Hole / Bean Bag Toss

There is a lot that can be said with pairing up rivals against each other in a friendly match of Corn-Hole. Get several sets of Corn-Hole and start a big competition that is sure to draw a crowd of fans eager to get in on the action! Make new friends and let everyone know you’re a tailgater that always comes well prepared with this classic tailgating game. Set it up in your yard and have your friends and neighbors enjoy some fun tailgating games. This tailgating game is perfect for get-togethers, picnics, BBQ's, tailgates and all sorts of shenanigans all year round!

Get the top of the line LED light wooden bean bag toss set, or bean bag toss glow sticks to illuminate the boards big and bright for everyone to see, and don’t forget the extra glow-in-the-dark bean bags for those late night games!

Ladder Toss / Bolo Toss

Practice the art of Ladder Toss at your next tailgating game and see how your skills match up against your opponents. Play with or without a teammate, and remember that team activities are always a hit at tailgating parties! Remember to bring extra sets of replacement Bolos in case of breakage or loss and keep these glow-in-the-dark bolos ready for tailgating fun when the sun goes down. This extreme glow-in-the-dark Ladder Toss Set will light up your parties and keep guests and fans entertained for hours!

Beer Pong

This is hands-down the favorite tailgating game idea that can be found at every successful tailgating party. The necessities to play include beverages of choice, plastic cups (stay away from glass mugs or cups), a table and ping pong balls. Alcoholic drinkers and non-drinkers alike can partake in this competitive game of skill. Teams work best, but you can play with just two people.

Flip Cup

Another drinking game that can satiate the ego and your gut! Test your skills in this game of teamwork and remember that it’s all fun and games until someone can’t flip the cup. You’ll need a table, a beverage of choice, plastic cups and lots of teammates!

Tailgate Horseshoes

Whether you use the classic style horseshoes or the disc set, be prepared with extras in case they get lost during play. An all-time favorite outdoor game, horseshoes pits brains against aim, with the best players able to take on all challengers! Make sure you have plenty of room to play and get ready to enjoy this game all day!

Washer Toss

A fun, compact game set, Washer Toss can be set up in the back yard, camping or in the parking lot before the big game. Washer Toss will keep people of all ages wanting to play for hours!

Football and Frisbee

These basic fun tailgating games are often over-looked until they are needed. Make sure you're always prepared to toss around a football or throw a Frisbee at all times by stowing at least one of each in the back of your car all season long! Not much explanation is needed for these games. You determine the number of players and your own rules, but more importantly - just have fun throwing these around until the food is ready or the game has started!

No matter which tailgating games you decide to play, all that matters is that you’re having a great time! Be prepared to fill in the gaps of time before the big game with some exciting outdoor tailgating game ideas and you’ll be on your way to a sure win because great tailgating means everyone is having fun!

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