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Honor the Start of Summer with a Baseball-themed Memorial Day Picnic

Start the Summer with a Baseball-themed Memorial Day Picnic

Nothing says “summer” like baseball and picnics. Both mark the beginning of a more carefree season when the sun is shining and it seems as if the days go on forever. And, of course, the official start of this wonderful season is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor those who’ve given their lives for our country, but also one that has become that official turning point from spring to summer.

So it seems that a great day to honor those two icons of summer – baseball and picnics – would be on Memorial Day, when family and friends come together for fun and fellowship. Furthermore, planning and executing a baseball-themed picnic is something everyone can do together, including the kids.

Setting the Theme

Okay, so you want to honor the great American sport of baseball at your picnic. That means you’ll want to set the mood with decorations and other items that fit the theme. Consider these ideas:

  • If everyone (or almost everyone) that’s coming is a fan of the local team, make that team the center of attention. Have the kids make signs that feature the team’s official logo and hang jerseys, pennants, and other team-themed items you might already own.
  • Give a nod to Major League Baseball in general. Set up one table in honor of each of the teams you choose to highlight and perhaps have the kids make placemats featuring the logos of as many teams as possible. You might even consider covering the tables with artificial turf, available at most home improvement stores. Buy inexpensive baseballs at the dollar store to use in centerpieces.
  • Honor MLB Hall-of-Famers. Look for pictures of these men and their respective teams and turn them into signs for decorations. Make your own “baseball cards” with the pictures of each chosen honoree and stats about their careers, then give a stack to each guest.

Creating a Baseball-themed Menu

Picnic foods and baseball go hand-in-hand because picnic foods are so similar to what you’d find at any ballpark across the U.S.

If you’ll have a grill or two handy for your picnic, you should go with the traditional American baseball favorite – hot dogs. Perhaps you can shake it up a little by offering a fixins’ bar for your dogs. These can include shredded cheese, chopped onion, coleslaw, baked beans, chopped pickles, diced tomatoes, and maybe even a few items out of the ordinary, like jalapenos, sautéed mushrooms, or tropical salsa. Put them all in snap-and-seal containers and then in an insulated cooler if they need to be kept cold during

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