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Organizing Your Company Picnic's Games & Activities


“Now a few more details about this year’s company picnic. It’s at the plant, no food will be served, and the only activity will be work...”

-Mr. Burns, “C.E.D’oh!” - The Simpsons

Company Picnics – All Play, No Work!

Your company picnic doesn’t have to be as bad as Homer Simpson’s! In fact, with a little planning and creativity, a company picnic can turn out to be downright fun, not to mention a great chance to have some time for getting to know coworkers and their families on a personal level.

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Kicking back, relaxing and having some fun gives everyone the opportunity to loosen up, joke around and just hang out with the people we work with everyday! A company picnic doesn’t have to be a ho-hum meet, greet and slip away affair for employees. Those kinds of company outings are not fun and feel more obligatory than actually going to work because most employees attend company functions during their “off” days. So, show appreciation and truly give your employees a genuine reward – an opportunity to have some real enjoyment!

Company Picnic Game Ideas

Great entertainment will make your company picnic a success! For great company picnic ideas, make sure to plan activities, outdoor games and cool prizes that will get everyone involved in the action. Not only is it a major morale boost, but initiates excellent teamwork and friendly competition that will strengthen employee bonding and helps with future team building exercises in the workplace.

For larger company picnics, appoint committees to cover certain aspects of organizing the picnic to help with the planning process. Smaller company picnics are usually assigned to one individual, or certain responsibilities are spread out over a few individuals to cover every facet of the picnic. Whoever is designated in charge of creating a successful company picnic, you’re going to want to make sure they have fun and enjoy the festivities as well, so make sure our Company Picnic Checklist gets passed out to all involved! Committees should include:

  • Location coordinator
  • Set up, decorations, picnic essentials
  • Food, drinks, grilling
  • Activities, Outdoor Games
  • Clean up
  • A ‘ring-master’ to announce activities, awards, or make a speech

Picking The Right Location

As for locations, parks with picnic pavilions are always a top favorite. Also community clubhouses and common areas are an option, particularly if there’s a beach, or waterfront area involved. For larger companies, we’ve even seen amusement parks and zoos rented out for the day in the off-season! But don’t lose sight of the purpose of the company picnic. It’s not only to reward employees, meet families and have fun – but it’s also about morale and strengthening employee bonds to each other, their employer, and as a successful work team. Supplying desirable prizes with the company logo gets everyone in the spirit of aiming for a goal, and achieving a gift every employee will appreciate and use for years to come.

Besides the usual sports activities – softball, volleyball, tug of war and more, some of the more unusual activities that have made company picnics fun for all ages include:

  • Karaoke
  • Face Painting
  • Inflatable setups like a moon bounce
  • A carnival style row of games with prizes
  • An airbrush temporary tattoo artist
  • Caricaturists
  • Palm readers

Themed picnics can help with mapping out picnic plans, activities, decorations and menus. Some of our favorite themes for company picnics:

  • Wild, wild west
  • Circus – under the big top
  • Old fashioned country hoe-downs
  • Hawaiian luau
  • Carnivals

Company Picnic Give-Away Ideas

While company logo t-shirts, visors and hats are always a common company favorite giveaway for prizes and gifts – just how often do those get used by employees? We suspect most get tossed aside or stowed somewhere in the abyss until next year’s company picnic, or casual days at the office.

Spark some excitement into your employees this year and put in the effort to really reward them with gifts and prizes they will truly enjoy. Try some company logos on affordable coffee service sets for prizes that will really be put to good use! Our picnic baskets, wine totes, wine and cheese sets and picnic coolers, portable chairs and BBQ tool sets make unique and highly sought-after gifts that all employees will desire, and most of our products are able to have a company logo applied. We offer several methods, including silk screening, embroidery, wood engraved tags, silk screened leather tags, and laser engraved metal tags. With volume discounts and minimum quantities set at only 6 items, we can easily help you set up your event with prizes and gifts everyone will yearn for!

With popular company picnic prizes and gifts that spark excitement in employee morale and spirit, your company picnic will be a fun and successful hit this year! Rise above the redundancy of boring t-shirt or coffee cup giveaways, and we’ll bet the competitive spirit is a little fiercer during this year’s games! Remember that fun Outdoor Games such as Cornhole (bean bag toss), Ladder Toss and Washer Toss, will entertain everyone for hours, and are simple, delightful and easy to play!

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