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Perfect Romantic Picnic Locations


Find the Perfect Romantic Picnic Location

We know you’re familiar with the old favorite locations for your romantic picnic – the woods, the beach at sunset or your local park. But what about the paths less traveled? When are the best times to visit romantic picnic locations? Where are the best romantic picnic spots? Follow these romantic tips and

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creative suggestions to help you discover what makes a spot perfect for a romantic picnic!


While parks are great locations for family fun, romantic picnics deserve a little more privacy. Choosing a spot that’s private is first and foremost on the menu, and that may take some creativity when everyone else is looking for the same thing.

One way to get around this for romantic hot spots is to choose an off-hour for your picnic. Sunrise mimosas on the beach with a charming picnic basket, or a steamy cup of coffee with one of our coffee service totes can take the place of sunset bottles of wine. A lite lunch date with an early afternoon stroll by the lake can beat the crowds. A bottle of wine and one of our convenient wine and cheese sets is up to the challenge, any time, any place!

Local tourist spots in off season are also a hit pick for private picnics. Public monuments and historic areas always create serene scenery, and with a little music and a picnic cooler you’re ready to spend time with your sweetheart!


Anywhere near water can be a lovely backdrop for a romantic picnic. Beaches, lakes and streams are always a good bet. For a creative twist, get on the water rather than by it. Find boat rentals in your area and pack up a picnic backpack for two and enjoy some alone time as you glide through the water. Canoe trips down a lazy river are spellbinding as you drift along in your own world with your partner! Listen to the birds and watch the fish hit the surface as you sip a cold drink and munch of snacks from your durable picnic backpack or tote.


While beaches are a favorite for romantic picnics, screaming children can put the brakes on that idea during peak times. Find a quiet spot where you can both unwind and listen to some music from a Cooladio Solar Radio Cooler on your special date. A drive in the country can be a backup plan if it rains. Create new memories as you sip on cool sparkling water and munch on snacks from your insulated tote as you ride with your sweetheart listening to the music, talking, laughing and sharing special memories!


Slipping away for a quiet time away from the kids would be nice, but not always practical. Life goes on in spite of romance. Babysitters aren’t always available or in the budget. How about a romantic picnic for two after their bedtime? Plan a romantic indoor picnic and movie date. Spread out a picnic blanket with some wine and cheese, or even popcorn and beer! Put on a favorite movie and set the stage for a cozy picnic in the living room with the lights low, a few candles, some pillows and cushions. You can both unwind and relax in your own little world without ever having to leave home!


CD players with a special selection of songs are a sweet touch for romantic picnics, but an outdoor concert can really provide a grand backdrop. Spread a picnic blanket in a little, out of the way spot and shut out the crowd. Looking for a seat higher off the ground? Find your favorite portable folding chairs, or other portable outdoor furniture and keep your back straight and feet on the ground where you plant your chairs and enjoy the music. Don’t forget people-watching is also a great opportunity for entertainment!

Back up Plans

Even the best laid plans can be ruined by a last minute thunderstorm. Have a backup plan just in case. Find a scenic overlook in the area for a car picnic. It has all the requirements – privacy, atmosphere, peace and quiet, and best of all, a wonderful date!

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