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Picnic Baskets

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  • Picnic Baskets for 2
    Picnic Baskets for Two

    Our Picnic Baskets for Two are the perfect size for quick, romantic getaways and are loaded with all the amenities you need for a luxurious dining experience for two.

  • Picnic Baskets for 4
    Picnic Baskets for Four

    Family picnics and other outdoor dining events will be a pleasure with an all-inclusive 4-person set, loaded with all the amenities you need. Just pack 'em and go.

  • Picnic Baskets for 6+
    Picnic Baskets for Six

    Here you'll find large, family-sized picnic sets for entertaining 6 or more people. Availability of wicker Picnic Basket Sets for Six is limited so created a versatile Designer Collection combo's for your shopping needs.

  • Wine Picnic Baskets
    Wine Picnic Baskets

    Our Wine Picnic Baskets add a touch of elegance to any outing! These wine baskets come with wine service for two or four people, some with cheese boards & knives included.

  • English Picnic Baskets
    English Picnic Baskets

    English Picnic Baskets bring classic English flair to any picnic outing! Traditional English picnic baskets are usually a suitcase style basket with full ammenities.

  • Wicker Picnic Baskets
    Wicker Picnic Baskets

    Wicker Picnic Baskets are strong, durable and best of all, attractive! These baskets set the mood for your outdoor entertaining whether it's a romantic or family outing!

  • Empty Picnic Baskets
    Empty Picnic Baskets

    Empty Picnic Baskets are perfect for the "do it yourself" picnicker and are great for customizing a unique gift for the wine lover or outdoor entertaining enthusiast.

    Empty Picnic Baskets

  • Child's Picnic Basket
    Child's Picnic Basket Set

    We have a several picnic basket sets that are great for children! Plus, we have 3 other brightly colored picnic packs designed just for children that are sure to inspire a child's imagination!

  • Wedding Picnic Baskets
    Wedding Baskets

    Wedding Baskets are unique gift ideas for both bride & groom! Customize futher with the couples favorite bubbly and you have a really nice gift that will be sure to be used and enjoyed!