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Picnic Games & Activities for Adults

Picnic Games & Activities for Adults

Enjoy what should come naturally to all grownups– having fun and goofing off! When it comes time to cut loose and participate in some Picnic Games & Activities, we have the best advice and ideas for adults. If you’re looking for fun tailgating games, romantic and family activities and games, you’re sure to find it here, courtesy of Picnic-Basket.com

Organizing Your Company Picnic's Games & Activities    
Romantic Picnic Activities & Game Ideas    
Picnic Games for the Adult Crowd    
Picnic Game Ideas for the Grown Ups    

Organizing Your Company Picnic's Games & Activities  

“Now a few more details about this year’s company picnic. It’s at the plant, no food will be served, and the only activity will be work...”

-Mr. Burns, “C.E.D’oh!” - The Simpsons

Company Picnics – All Play, No Work!

Your company picnic doesn’t have to be as bad as Homer Simpson’s! In fact, with a little planning and creativity, a company picnic can turn out to be downright fun, not to mention a great chance to have some time for getting to know coworkers and their families on a personal level... Click to Read Complete Article

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Romantic Picnic Activities & Game Ideas  

Romantic Picnic Activities & Game Ideas

Picnic basket – check; perfect location – check; perfect date – check; food and wine – check; activities – what?

While you may think the perfect romantic picnic wouldn’t involve extracurricular activities, we beg to differ. While your romantic picnic basket for two and a bottle of wine set the stage, we have some creative romantic picnic ideas for couples that can really set the mood and make the rendezvous even more fun, passionate, romantic and memorable for... Click to Read Complete Article

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Games for Adults 2  

Adult Picnic Games & Ideas

Let's face it, as adults a vigorous game of "Hide and Seek" may not be tops on our entertainment list. Besides, a picnic is supposed to be a relaxing event, not something that takes a few days to recuperate from! With this in mind, we have put together some suggestions for entertaining the adult crowd at a picnic. Enjoy!

Picnic Games for the Adults!

Picnics are definitely a great time for kids. The food, the atmosphere, the parents being too engaged in conversation to see where they've flung their dessert--it's all part of the wonderful memories that... Click to Read Complete Article

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Picnic Games for Adults  

More Picnic Game Ideas for the Adults

A picnic party for a group of fun minded adults demands a variety of activities for a variety of people. That's why Picnic-Basket.com is dedicated to bringing great ideas, tips and services to picnic lovers. So here's another list of great games for you and your guests to play at your picnic party. They're sure to make your picnic that much more special!

Opposites Attract

If you're having a rather large event of say, 20 or more people, this is a great game to play so everyone is introduced. Before hand, cut out as many small pieces of card paper as you have guests and ... Click to Read Complete Article

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