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Home>Articles>4th of July Romantic Picnic Ideas

4th of July Romantic Picnic Ideas

Romantic 4th of July Picnic Ideas  

Plan Ahead To Enjoy A Romantic Date With Your Loved One This 4th of July

Thinking about your plans for the upcoming Independence Day holiday? How about a romantic picnic with that special someone?

Usually, the words ďromanticĒ and ď4th of JulyĒ donít appear in the same sentence, but that doesnít mean you canít plan a wonderful, cozy day with the one you love, sans all other people, keeping the day just for yourselves. For many people, this is a real treat!

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The world tends to surround us with lots of people on a daily basis, so the opportunity for some alone time with your spouse, partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend is truly a gift for those who donít get as much private time as theyíd like.

So, if youíd like to avoid the crowds and plan a day for two, the Fourth of July is a great time to do it. Nearly everyone has the day off, so scheduling tends not to be a problem, and if you have kids, there are probably myriad places where you can drop them off for a day with other family members or friends.

A Little Pre-Planning

One of the toughest things about planning a romantic Fourth of July picnic is finding a place where you can go and not be bothered by large numbers of people. The easiest solution? Stay home! That might sound ridiculous, but if you donít invite anyone over for the day and/or if you send the kids elsewhere, youíll have the place all to yourself. You can choose to set up a romantic picnic basket in the backyard, or even inside if you prefer.

If having it at home is not practical for some reason, scout out another private location before you pack up the cooler, picnic basket, and blanket. If you have a large park nearby, look for a secluded spot where you not likely to encounter large groups of picnickers. Same thing for a beach area. Head to a spot where there isnít any swimming or where others are not likely to congregate. Here, you can set up your meal and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Best Foods for a Romantic Picnic

If youíre planning a romantic meal, youíre not likely to go for the traditional Fourth of July fare like hamburgers and hot dogs. Instead, opt for something a bit simpler thatís not going to require tons of preparation and clean-up. The idea is to spend quality time with the one you love, so keep the work to a minimum.

The easiest romantic picnic is what many would refer to as French-style. That includes a great big loaf of crusty bread, a variety of cheeses, some fruit, and a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne. Want something more substantial? Purchase a rotisserie chicken and bring that along as well. End the meal with some fancy cookies such as lemony French Madeleines.


You might consider starting your picnic at dusk so you can hang around for the fireworks. A great ending to any romantic Fourth of July picnic includes the opportunity to sit under the stars the show! As with the picnic location, seek out a site thatís not crowded but still provides a good view of the festivities, if possible. Spread out a blanket, lay back, hold hands, and admire the sky rockets! And donít rush home once the fireworks are finished. Linger a little while and bask in the beauty of the night before you pack up.

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