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Fall for Each Other Again Picnic

Romantic Autmn Picnic  

Fall for Each Other Again at a Romantic Autumn Picnic

Many view the carefree summer months as the ideal time for romance to blossom. After all, what’s better than spending long days languishing on the beach or around the pool, content to be with the one you love, enjoying a little down time?

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Pick a Romantic Place For Your Picnic

Autumn is all about color, so if you’re in an area with four distinct seasons and the leaves have turned but not yet fallen, you’ll want to seek out the most colorful spot you can find for your fall picnic. It might be your own backyard or it may be a local park or lake. If you’re heading to an area away from home, look for a place where you won’t be bothered by crowds of people. Avoid areas near the playground or in the vicinity of picnic groves where large groups hang out. Instead, consider setting out a picnic blanket in a secluded treed area or seek out a small clearing off the beaten track.

High school or college campuses and other areas where there are lots of trees are often a good option as well. As long as there are no rules about trespassing, simply concentrate on finding a private, picturesque spot where you can enjoy some alone time.

It’s okay to have autumn picnics indoors as well. In late autumn, when the days and nights are starting to get colder in many parts of the country, an at-home picnic by the fireplace is lovely, with couples finding the opportunity to snuggle up near the fire and enjoy a wealth of foods that are indicative of the autumn months of September through November.

Romantic Foods for your Fall Picnic

Food can set the mood for just about any occasion, and that goes for picnic food, too. Some foods are simply more romantic than others, so if you’re trying to be amorous, avoid super messy food items that drip down your shirt and demand lots of clean up. Instead, finger foods are great and you can even feed them to each other if you’re feeling particularly romantic.

Of course, experts have deemed some foods to be “aphrodisiacs” – food that awakens that romantic feeling. Many of those are suitable for autumn picnics including asparagus, almonds (serve them plain or include them in a recipe), basil (put it on a crusty bread with tomato and mozzarella), eggs (make egg salad sandwiches), and oysters. End the meal with some sweet strawberries and the most romantic food of all – chocolate.

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