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Romantic Valentine's Day Picnic Ideas For Him and Her

Romantic Valentine's Day Picnic Ideas For Him and Her

Distinguish this Valentine’s Day as one of your finest moments. Be creative and arrange a surprise romantic picnic breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your sweetheart! Romantic Valentine’s Day picnics are an extraordinary way to show how much thought you put into celebrating your relationship with your special someone. Picnics are

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less expensive than dining out, allow more room for spontaneity and creativity, and bring out the fun side of romance.

Say, “I love you” with the right picnic basket, and you can make this Valentine’s Day one for the record books. So, ladies and gents, as you search for sweet expressions of your affections this Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that romantic picnics are always a winner!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Military Men and Women

Picnics will forever be a pastime for families, lovers, and friends. If you are overseas in the military and are looking for the best way possible to show your love to your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, children, and the rest of your family this Valentine's Day, send a picnic basket!

Whether it’s a picnic basket for 2, or a family picnic basket for 4 or more people, they are a unique representation of the bonds you cherish. Send a note of love and a promise of good times, fun adventures, and unforgettable memories ahead when you return. You may not be home for Valentine's Day, but you'll be sending your love and the promise of happy times to come with your heartfelt gift. Give your loved ones a gift that inspires imagination and gives them even more to look forward to when you return home!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Picnic

How many times have you been surprised with breakfast in bed? Now, how many times have you been surprised with a romantic picnic breakfast in bed? Think about how thrilled you would be to wake up to your sweetheart arranging a cozy picnic right in the middle of the bed. Coffee, bagels, croissants, fruit, oatmeal, bacon, eggs, pancakes, cereal or even just a protein drink all taste spectacular in bed. You don’t have to go over-the-top and prepare a feast if you don’t want to. Simply bringing a new twist to an everyday routine will rouse excitement, smiles, and love from your partner.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Picnic Ideas for Him

Your man likes his coffee, so ensure he’ll forever have a token of your surprise romantic breakfast with his own coffee service backpack or tote. Enjoy your morning coffee together out on the terrace, on a morning walk at the park, or snuggled up in blankets with a unique Valentine’s Day gift that will last a lifetime. He’ll be able to take his portable coffee service with him to work, on trips, and on more picnic adventures with you!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Picnic Ideas for Her

You live to see that sleepy smile from the woman you love every morning. Amaze her by preparing breakfast and presenting it to her in a romantic picnic basket for 2. Spread out your breakfast picnic in the bedroom, by the roaring fireplace, outside under your favorite oak tree, or snuggled up in bed. You will have all the amenities you need to enjoy a beautiful morning picnic in bed, and hopefully you can coax her into spending the rest of the day with you right where she is.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Lunch Ideas

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Monday. So if you’re able to surprise your sweetie with a mid-day picnic, you’ll leave them excited to see what else you have in store after the workday is over. First, make sure they are able to meet you for lunch, and then get your picnic basket ready for a quickie in the park.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Lunch Ideas for Him

A thoughtful Valentine’s Day lunch away from the work chaos will spark a flame in your man’s imagination for the rest of the day. Bring a lunch cooler tote, picnic cooler set, or a picnic backpack filled with simple tasty treats you can both eat in under an hour. Head to your local coffee shop, a park, or even your car to get a little privacy as you both enjoy a romantic picnic lunch. Bring his favorite sandwich, a container of his favorite dish, a thermos of soup, and a dessert he’s sure to enjoy. Wear his favorite perfume, and your sexiest heels for a visual and sensual picnic he'll be aching to get his hands on later.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Lunch Ideas for Her

Relieve her stress and leave her glowing by surprising her with a romantic picnic lunch. Her co-workers will swoon at your romantic gesture, and she’ll feel like a queen when you arrive at her office, flowers (optional) and exquisite picnic basket in hand ready to sweep her off her feet!

Dress to impress, dab on your manly cologne, and remember to extend every courtesy as a gentleman. Hold her hand, steady her up and down flights of stairs, and open all doors for her so she feels cared for and admired. Delight her senses with some flavorful snacks, pick up her favorite take out, or simply make sandwiches you can both enjoy on your picnic lunch break. It’s cold outside, so remember to bring a cozy picnic blanket and a thermos of hot coffee or soup if you’re venturing outside to dine in the park.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Dinner Ideas

Romantic picnics don’t just happen; they need some planning and the element of surprise to really start off with a bang! The main component is of course, a romantic picnic basket. Your location is wherever you want; hopefully somewhere you two can enjoy a little privacy.

Next, you'll need to fill the picnic basket to the brim with snacks, goodies, love notes, and drinks. There is something about eating food on a picnic that is always exciting! Bring food items that are snack able and shareable, such as shrimp cocktails, a veggie tray, cheese and crackers, fruit, soup, mini-sandwiches, chocolate kisses, dips and more. Half the fun of a picnic is being able to seductively tease and feed each other, so make sure you have snacks along with your main course.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Dinner Ideas for Him

Spread out a soft picnic blanket at your romantic picnic location. Whether you're dining at home or heading out to a romantic spot, be creative with where you set up your feast. Play some music softly in the background, light some candles, bring a portable propane heater (if picnicking outside), and remember that blankets, pillows, cushions give you fluffy support and make a cozy nest for love-birds. Feed your man sample bites from your delicious spread of picnic food, and sneak yourself a few kisses in between. The best way for a woman to make a Valentine’s Day picnic even better is to offer a visual picnic as well. Wear your favorite outfit, buy new lingerie, and slip on your hottest heels for a sensual dining experience.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Dinner Ideas for Her

Soft conversation and the freedom to touch or steal a kiss anytime you want from your sweetheart is one of the main perks of romantic picnics. Whisper your adoration in her ear and watch her body shiver with delight. You can be as creative or adventurous as you want as well. Picnics can be enjoyed in the most unconventional of places. Have a romantic picnic at the base of your staircase, in the car in your garage, or by candle light in the middle of your kitchen. Prepare a tantalizing appetizer and dessert that you will enjoy feeding your lady. Dinner can be an assortment of snacks and deli spreads, or you could cook her up a new recipe, or get her favorite take-out dish if you’re not skilled in the kitchen. The most romantic picnic dinner is one that has no rules, and cannot be predicted!

Winter is a beautiful time of year, full of magic and snowflakes. Valentine’s Day is smack dab in the middle of February, so brace yourself for a cold picnic if you head outside. Prepare accordingly with some foods that will warm you up, and bring plenty of protection against the elements. A romantic Valentine’s Day picnic can be played out in so many ways, and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor excursion, Picnic-Basket.com has the picnic supplies you need and most picnic baskets come with lifetime warranties!

With a little forethought, you can give a Valentine’s Day gift that will keep on giving, both to you and your sweetheart throughout the year, for years to come.

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