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Thrill Mom with a Mother’s Day Brunch Picnic

Mother’s Day Brunch Picnic Ideas

One day a year, we set aside all other responsibilities to spend time with the women who catered to our every need, from the time we were just babies until we were all grown up. Moms deserve a special day and, thankfully, around the world, most cultures do indeed mark a particular one each year as the time to honor that wise woman…the one that still worries about you even if you’re 30, 40 or 50.

A traditional way to honor mom is to take her out to her favorite restaurant. However, that can get quite expensive and it lacks that personal touch that your mother deserves. Furthermore, if you go out to dinner often, it tends to be the “same old, same old”. So this year, try something a little different.

One meal that tends to be a special treat for not just mom but the whole family is brunch. It’s that special meal sometime between breakfast and lunch. The one where you can combine traditional breakfast foods with offerings that you’d most often eat at other times of the day. Many restaurants offer this meal on Mother’s Day, but it’s also fun to prepare it yourself. Brunch dishes can be easy enough for Dad and the kids to put together, or you can get a little help by buying prepared foods at the local supermarket or specialty store.

If the weather’s pleasant, you can take your Mother’s Day brunch outside and make it a brunch picnic! In most places, mid-May is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors and it’s a nice change from being holed up in a restaurant or indoors at your house.

What’s On the Menu?

Start the picnic by presenting everyone, even the kids, with a refreshing drink. Make it bubbly and fruity! It can be alcoholic for the adults if you wish, like a simple mimosa (orange juice and champagne). For the kids, add a lemon-lime soft drink to juice to make fizz. If you’re going to another location other than your backyard, mix them at home and put them in a thermos or similar item that will keep them cold.

Main Courses:
It seems that most people like to include eggs on the menu for their Mother’s Day brunch. That’s fine as there are all sorts of ways to prepare this healthy food. Quiches, for example, are easy to make and transport. Or how about an egg strata or some other kind of casserole dish? Frittatas are good, too.

Aside from eggs, you’ll want to include meat, like sliced ham or beef, both of which go well with the egg dishes. Seafood, like salmon or even mini crab cakes, are ideal as well. Again, all can be transported easily and safely with the right kind of insulated cooler.

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