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Unforgettable Family Picnic Game Ideas


Unforgettable Game Ideas for Family Picnics

We all have a favorite summer memory, and most involve a family outing. Now it’s time to pass along a summer picnic tradition and make memories for your children. While your summer memory may seem like it was spontaneous, your parents probably took some time to plan and come up with ideas. So now it’s your turn to

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create cherished memories with your family and what better time than the end-of-summer to really seal in the memory of a fun and exciting summer! Picnics are the perfect outing for summer fun, and food can take front and center stage so make sure you’re prepared with your favorite picnic basket, portable BBQ grill and cooler combo, or lightweight picnic backpack! While eating itself can be considered a sport, it’s always a good idea to have some backup outdoor games lined up while out enjoying some quality time with your family and we’ve got you covered with some classic game ideas. Creating unforgettable memories require some inspiration and thought, so don’t forget to plan games and activities to round out your day of fun with the family!

Tandem Family Bike Ride

Stop by your local bike shop, or tourist activity center and find some tandem bicycles to rent or buy! Not only are you getting your family outside for a trip they’ll never forget, but you’ll be getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors in a way that many people never get the chance to experience. Strap on an all-inclusive picnic backpack that keeps your hands free and allows you to easily stop and have your family picnic wherever you desire without worrying about where to store your picnic essentials! Ride around the parks and green-ways in your town, or take along tandem bikes the next time you go camping and you’ll have the time of your life! Make a game out of taking pictures (strap the camera around your neck for safe-keeping) of people, places, interesting things and each other!

Balloon Race

If there’s running water available in your picnic location, bring balloons and some five gallon buckets. Divide the players into two or three groups. For each team, fill a bucket with sealed water balloons and have a second bucket about 10 yards away. Players need to get balloons from bucket A to bucket B using only their mouth. As soon as the first player on each team has started away with a balloon, the next can get started. Winning team is the one with the most balloons in the bucket after a set time period. This is a hilarious and exciting way to have fun and a usually ends with a water balloon fight.

Soak the Flag

We love this variation on Capture the Flag, but then again, we love anything with super-soakers involved. Give each team water guns or super-soakers. Each team needs to protect their flag by not allowing it to get wet. The flag can be placed anywhere out in the open, and can’t be moved after the game starts. A team loses when their flag gets soaked through – construction paper with string works as a flag. Formulating strategy is the fun part of the game!

Nature Hike Alphabet

A nature hike is a ton of fun for the kids, watching for animals and breathing in the awe of nature's beauty is often grounds for an exciting game! So, keep your hands free with an extremely convenient picnic backpack and your foods and drinks chilled as you have your own little safari in the woods searching and studying for clues to the Nature Hike Alphabet Game! Divide into teams or play individually. As you hike through the woods, each team identifies something they see for each letter of the alphabet. For example, A – ant, B – Bird, etc. The winner is the person or team who makes it through the alphabet first. Make up a rule to deal with more difficult letters such as Q, X and Z. For younger children, try a scavenger hunt during a nature walk. Make a list of location appropriate items for each child to collect along the way.


The standard sports of baseball, volleyball, badminton, soccer and touch football can become a family picnic tradition – bring two colors of ribbon to use as armbands to identify different teams, and bring supplies for a few different sports. Remember to divide up teams to make it fairly even in terms of skill levels. We’ve had a blast playing parents against kids in the past.

For any outdoor summer activities, our picnic coolers on wheels are there to ensure your snacks, lunch, water and drinks remain cool so you can relax and have fun on your picnic extravaganza! Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture your memories as you create them!

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